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Best Resources Every New Entrepreneur Should Know.

Being an entrepreneur in our world asks for multitasking, and it can be overwhelming. The forces of customer’s expectations and self aspirations as an entrepreneur ensure that workload keeps increasing. There’s a need to leverage available help, and this is where technology-related solutions come to the rescue.

A wide range of resources is available on the internet to help entrepreneurs to run their businesses successfully. Tasks like communication, scheduling, and more can now be done quickly and more efficiently.

We have compiled a list of free resources to make your work life more comfortable.

Informative Websites

To make your entrepreneur journey successful, you’ll be requiring the right information at the right time. Nowadays web is full of information, but at the same time, you need to make sure that you are getting the right and trusted knowledge. Below are the websites which are highly reputable in the business world.


Bplan is an online platform with over 500 samples of business plans. It also gives you the luxury of selecting the exact category of business plan you want. In addition to these, the platform also makes available a detailed guide on how to write business plans.


Score Is a website that creates the most extensive network platform for business owners to come together and rub minds. The platform gives education as well as mentorship to entrepreneurs. They provide on demand courses and live webinar.

If we are talking about the best websites for entrepreneurs, then is the most competitive one. This website is frequently updated with new strategies for entrepreneurs. They are certainly defining their name. You can find the best business advice here.

GoTo Meeting:

Another website that is one of the best resources for small business owners is the GoToMeeting website. This website helps make e-meetings possible. Its features include; video conferencing, conference calls, meeting recordings, and transcriptions, amongst others. It saves entrepreneurs time and cost, giving them the chance to hold meetings wherever they are instead of traveling.

Other great and helpful websites for new entrepreneurs include; A smart bear, the economist, Bloomberg, amongst others.


There’s nothing more important in life than knowledge, especially for entrepreneurs. Knowledge comes from reading, and this is why we have books as business resources example. Being a wise entrepreneur means that you will be able to take on business opportunities correctly. It also translates to being able to avoid mistakes that other entrepreneurs make. All these are vital forces behind business growth.

A large number of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs know this and live by it. Here are some books that are a must-read for every new entrepreneur;

Good to Great:

Topping the list of recommended books for new entrepreneurs is Jim Collins’” Good to Great.”Summarily, the book seeks to answer the question of why some companies leap, as in become successful and why others don’t. Beyond entrepreneurship, this book shares similarities with a self-help book and can help you fix every part of your life.

To Sell is Human:

Another book every new entrepreneur should read is a book by Daniel Pink titled “To Sell is Human.” One thing that is common to every business and entrepreneurial establishment is the desire to make sales/profit. Although not everyone will become salesmen, it is important for entrepreneurs to read this book. “To Sell is Human” shows every entrepreneur strategies they can employ to increase their sales and profit.

Accounting Softwares

Small businesses and bookkeeping are inseparable. For your business to flourish, you need to keep a record of your cash flow. For entrepreneurs, who are not finance professionals or have poor mathematics skills, doing these is usually difficult and sometimes impossible. Interestingly, there are software that will fit your budget will satisfying your needs.

Sage Accounting

An example of a highly rated bookkeeping software is Sage Accounting. It is a business cloud accounting software with really impressive features. The software is very advisable for solo business owners or freelancers. It helps you to record your income and expenses per time. It also helps you to manage your payments and value-added tax.

Intuit Quickbooks Online

Intuit Quickbooks Online is another superb accounting software. What makes Intuit Quickbooks Online outstanding is its ability to do a lot of things for small businesses. The software helps to create a dashboard for your business’s financial records, helps to generate online payment receipts and invoices.

Here is a list of other highly recommended accounting software.


Online presence is not enough for small businesses; it is also important that they pursue visibility ad stay visible. These can be achieved when entrepreneurs monitor the traffic on your website. It includes the location of your website visitors, trying to figure out what they do when they are on your website and where they go afterward.

Google Analytics

All these can be done quickly and efficiently through tools such as Google Analytics. This tool, Google Analytics, gives you an enviable insight and a sense of direction. Its key features include; Data analysis and visualization, data collection and management, data activation and integration, etc.


Indeed, scaling a business can sometimes be synonymous with a herculean task as there is usually a lot of work to do. However, the tools listed above solve the problem at hand. They make your job as an entrepreneur more comfortable and help you achieve your goals faster and better than you can imagine.

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