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Create Great Work Culture With Your Remote Team

The increasing importance of attracting and retaining top talent in the corporate world has made “work culture” develop from was what just a cool trend to a must-have. Now, more than ever, creating a culture in the modern workplace becomes a necessity to create a healthy work-life relationship between employees.

Work Culture, loosely put, is your company’s personality, as a collective unit. It’s a combination of your organization's values, beliefs, and preferred mode of social interaction. These all come together to set the atmospheric tone of your workplace; as well as how employees relate to it and engage with it.

Why Work Culture is Important in the Workplace?

If you don’t know this already, then here’s the spoiler: workplace culture plays a crucial role in employee retention and directly impacts productivity. Employee retention is the most important factor for big companies and brands. Because losing your top-notch employee means forfeiting your competitive edge, the best-in-class expertise, and the overall value such an employee brings to the organization.

Besides the nagging concern of losing your best-performing employees to poor work culture, having a solid work culture helps with finding a work-life balance. Introducing flexibility to work impacts productivity in a positive way, and good work culture is one sure way to introduce liveliness into an otherwise routine-based workflow.

Work Culture While Working Remotely

Work Culture has completely changed in the corporate world as the most workforce is operating remotely. This happened in light of safety concerns arising from the COVID19 outbreak. And with the current state of affairs, the physical presence needed to breed a healthy workplace culture is now a thing of the past.

Now, the question comes to mind: How do you engage remote employees to breed a healthy workplace culture when they are working virtually? From online team building activities to fun team activities while working from home, the challenges of working virtually require employers to come up with creative ways to create great work culture.

Virtual Employee Engagement Ideas for Corporate Leaders

To create a great work culture virtually isn’t an easy task for corporate leaders and managers.

If you are looking to upscale your work culture, then you must have to engage your remote employees. Remote team building activities are a reliable way for you to achieve this.

Here we have collected some ideas to engage your remote employees.

Virtual Coffee Breaks

Coffee breaks are the most common thing but it becomes the most interesting especially when all your employees are working remotely.

These coffee breaks could be a video call that provides a platform for your employees to catch up for the brainstorming for new ideas or it could be a fun gossip session between employees. Usually lasting for no more than 30 minutes, it also serves up a brief-but-rewarding escape for employees to boost their productivity levels.

You may ask your employees to prepare some quirky questions for their fellow employees in advance. This will create more excitement between the employees.

Quick Chat Sessions

Ask your team to schedule these quick chat sessions where they can discuss anything apart from work. Online team-building initiatives also have a way of familiarizing employees with one another in a fun, and engaging way that breeds unity. It could be in the form of a daily huddle or a brief chit-chat where the team exchanges quirky details about them.

Summing It Up

Whichever online team building activities or virtual employee engagement ideas you opt for as an employer, there are some factors that you shouldn’t omit when trying to improve your work culture.

The objective of work culture in the first place can only be derived if such a culture is inclusive. Any idea you come up with should reflect an attempt to engage all your employees. You may want to rent out a coworking space for your employees to make them feel more worthy. Also, it will create a natural feel of the office for your employees.

As an employer, full attention should be given to whatever remote team building activities you choose to engage in with your employees. This is important because any hint of distraction could put your employees off and scuttle the team-building process.

Also remember, your communication response time must be faster than in the past to succeed in the modern workplace.

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